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Looking for a quick and simple (AND 100% FREE!!) way to keep track of your web page visitors? Well you found it! E-zeeINTERNET.com is your source for high quality, quick, and ‘e-zee’ website visitor counters…

And we ask for no personal information whatsoever!

No spammy “customer service” e-mails, no hidden charges, nothing but high quality and free website visitor tracking; and all in less than two minutes with no registration required!

To get started, just enter your page’s information into the box to the left, set your preferences, choose one of our counter styles, and hit the ‘GET COUNTER CODE’ button. e-zeeINTERNET.com will generate a few simple lines of html code that you can cut and paste into your pages and begin tracking how many times someone has viewed your pages, right here, right now!

Get Started Today: Select your free counter style, enter your page details, and get your easy counter code now!

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Step 3: Get Your Counter Code!

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